Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reader Trips - I get pictures made at Target - WAY CHEAP

For the past (almost) year I have gotten photos made each month. The first month was at Sears and I was NOT impressed with them. I moved on to Target and have never looked back.

First of all. You can do this online archival service. For $10, your pictures will remain online for 2 years for you to look at, order from, snag to post on Facebook, etc.

Secondly, when you go to "edit" the pictures, you can save them and order them or you can email them to yourself. Right click and save as... The quality is not as good as the print, obviously, but for memory's sake (or Facebook's sake) it will do in a pinch

Third, you can send the log-in codes to your in-laws and parents. (They can order their own prints!!! Brilliant, eh?)

Fourth, and likely most importantly... they take ALL competitors. So do this... Sign up for the emails from Sears, JCPenny's, Target, Picture People and PictureMe (Walmart.) Then pick the best deal.

This is what I did.

Sears always offers a FREE Portrait Collage.
Target will give you a free 8x10... or they will make the silly collage if you so want. (We have 5 grandparents and 3 greats... the extra 8x10 is great.)
PLUS, since it is a different ad, it is a different pose!!!

SOOOOo you get the $7.99 Target package
2 - 8x10
2 - 5x7
4 - 3x5.5
16 Wallets
*When you order, you will get an email with a How'd-We-Do survey... TAKE THAT. They will send you a $3 coupon via email that you can print (more than once if need be - I forget to print it sometimes so I print it a few times and put it in my coupon file)

Combine with whichever coupon is best... You can find a TON of these coupons in magazines too! They are those annoying things that fall out or make you keep flipping to page 78.

I used a $4 coupon from signing a release so that Santa could use the photo Atlas and him at Christmas, the Sears coupon and stacked it with Targets $7.99 portrait package = $3.99 + tax = $4.25!!!

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