Saturday, October 17, 2009

Working the RRs at Walgreens

Here are some basic rules for working Walgreens

Walgreens "deals" are Register Rewards. When you buy an item that produces a Register Reward you may use that Register Reward (rr) on a future purchase (transaction).

The secreat to learning Walgreens is understanding the following basic rules:

1) Limits. Most Register Rewards deals are "Limit one per transaction". You cannot buy two deals and have it print two rr's. You will need to split up your purchases in order to receive more than one RR.

2) RR's are actually Manufacturer coupons. Basic rule of couponing is that you may only use ONE MANUFACTURER COUPON per item. Since a RR is a manufacturer coupon, you need another item for this coupon to "attach to". Hereout referred to as "fillers". Any time you see "filler" it means buy the cheapest thing in the store you can find that does not require a manufacturer coupon. (Walgreens coupons do not count as manufacturer coupons, they are something different).

3) You cannot purchase an item with the same rr that just printed for that item. (Well, you can, but it will not produce another rr). This often also applies for manufacturers as well.

Knowing these basic rules will get you far in the ways of Walgreens.

Here's how to get the FARR (Free after Regsiter Reward) items for as little as possible, plus a few other things.

If you do jump in with both feet doing multiple transactions, just tell the cashier you have a few different transactions. . . if you feel the old stink-eye from the cashier, smile, be nice and if someone gets in line behind you, hop out and go to the end to do another transaction.

oh, and ALWAYS check out at the cosmetics counter. Less line.

Working the EBs at CVS

Here are some basic rules for CVS:

CVS uses a loyalty card. Limits are set based on card purchase. Get yourself a CVS card and use it with every transaction. This is how you earn special promotional discounts and Extra Care Bucks (ecb's).
ECB's print out at the bottom of your receipt. ECB's are like cash and can be used on anything (except the usual excluded items, alcohol, tobacco, etc). You can roll them into your next deal, including the same item (unlike Walgreens). You can buy one thing, get an ecb, turn around and use that ecb on the same thing. Since CVS uses a loyalty card system and can limit the amount of "deals" you get per card, they don't have to worry about all the catalina hijinks that Walgreens has to do with not being able to use an rr to get an rr for the same product, etc. Lately they have been adding "Limit 1"

After I do my first transaction, I  tear off my ecb's from the bottom of the receipt and then use them in the next transaction- or if I'm on the last transaction, I put the ecb in my CVS envelope so I know where it is. (those receipts tend to get lost)

If you're starting out, and will be near a CVS, go ahead and stop in and get a CVS card. Register with it online and enter an email address and they will email you a $4/$20 coupon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coupon Printing Issues

Coupon Printing Issues

If you are unable to print a coupon you might try changing the code in the address. Each browser has a set of letters which “tells” the computer to print. It is very simple to change the letters: when you click a PRINT link from this site a new page will open allowing you to print–check the link’s address and if needed make the changes to the letters based on YOUR browser –you should then be able to print the coupon!

FireFox- FireFox (FF) MUST USE WG OR VG

Internet Explorer (IE) MUST USE WI OR VI

Safari Apple’s browser MUST USE XS

If you try to print after you have confirmed the code is correct it is possible that the coupon has reached it’s print limit.  This will only work for Bricks type coupons and does not apply to, SmartSource or RedPlum sites.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coupon Rules to Live By

A store coupon and a manufacturers coupon can be combined for more money off savings.

Some stores double coupons, check yours to see if they do .
If a coupon say do not double and the barcode starts with a 5 , if scanned it will double.
Most stores instruct cashiers to manually stop it from doubling.
If the barcode starts with a 9 it won't double when scanned.

If a store is having a buy one get one (B1G1) free sale and you have a coupon for that product that says buy one get one free you can use it and get both items for free.
you can use 2 money off mfr 1 coupons on them.
But you can not use a b1g1 mfr and money off mfr on the same together

If a coupon says one per purchase that means if you are getting 5 of that item you may use 5 coupons for those items because you are purchasing 5
provided they are x off 1 item coupons.

If the coupon says 1 per person , or 1 per transaction that means you can only use 1 coupon of that kind in your transaction.

Please use coupons correctly , coupon fraud is a crime and we will not allow talk of fraudulent uses of coupons on this site.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coupon Abbreviations

I saw this list on and thought it was a GREAT post for newbie couponers.

List of abbreviations:

  • AC - After Coupon
  • AR - After Rebate
  • BOGO or B1G1 - Buy One Get One FREE!
  • CAT or CATALINA - coupon dispensed at register after purchase
  • ECB - Extra Care Bucks - CVS "money" printed on receipts to be used like cash in store on your next purchase
  • FAR - Free After Rebate
  • GM - General Mills
  • IP or PRINTABLE- Internet Printable Coupon
  • MFG - Manufacturer’s Coupon
  • MIR – Mail-In Rebate
  • OOP - Out of Pocket - actual cash paid
  • OYNO - on your next order - when you buy advertised item, you get $ off or something free, on your next purchase
  • P&G - Proctor and Gamble insert in Sunday's paper
  • Q - Coupon
  • RC - Rain Check
  • RP - Red Plum insert in Sunday's paper
  • RR - Register Reward - Walgreen's "money" printed on receipts to be used like cash in store on your next purchase
  • SS - Smart Source insert in Sunday's paper
  • SCR - Single Check Rebate - Rite Aid's rebate program
  • WYB - When You Buy
  • 2/$5 - This means 2 items for $5, can be any combination
  • $1/2 - This means $1 off of 2 items, can be any combination

If you can think of any others, let me know and I will add them!!!