Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reader Trips - My CVS trip - 10/18/11

I was out and had a mini-helper today so I took advantage of my time and swung by CVS to roll my ECBs.. there was really nothing that I needed, but I didnt want them to go to waste. When you "roll" an ECB (or a RR at Walgreens) you are essentially extending the expiration date while getting items for free. Well this wasn't a FREE trip, but I got some things I could use and other things that I plan to resale in my garage sale in a few weeks.

And for the record, I do my fair share of donating, so don't harp on me making a little money on my time and effort.

I dont know how many ECBs I had from 2 weeks ago, but I used a bunch adn I am also on the CVS advisory panel and once a month they send me a survey and give me a $10 ECB to print from home!

6 bags of Nestle chocolates - 2.50

6 Almay icolors - 5.99
2 Huggies slip-ons - 11.99
4 Schick Hydro 3 Razors - 8.29
(check out the other CVS deals this week and the coupon matchups HERE

Paid - 37.30

Saved - 102.71
Used $10 gift card that I bought for $6 the other day

Got - 14 ECBs to still use
So technically I got all of this for 23.30

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