Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reader Trips - My HUGE Stockpile from Publix

I do not have time to itemize, as today is our MEAT BUYING DAY! I will spend $100 for 3+ months of meat! I will post how I do all that later. For right now, here are some pictures and totals:
This trip was for the ConAgra rebate - Spend $15 on ConAgra food and get a $10 Publix gift card (Total before coupons must be $30)
Store Coupon - $7
Special Price Savings - $15.50
Total Savings - 22.50
Total OOP - 29.13
*Still have to submit for my $10 rebate! 
There are 22 Resolve products.. all had peelies for $.65 on them.. with the Publix yellow flier coupon they were $.15 OVERAGE each! And that crab meat in a can there was $3.99!!! OMG! Hubby wanted it though. Also, noooo I didnt need anymore cheese but my coupons made it $1 a pack! So I got 4 more.
Store Coupon - 56.08
Vendor Coupon - 84.04 (not sure where the .04 came from)
Special Price Savings - 68.55
Total Savings - 208.67
Total OOP - 47.04

SAVINGS - $231.17
OOP - $76.17
I saved 75%!

*Woaw... this was a mess of trip. First I forgot to include the Chefboyardee in the first order and after everything was said and done, we refunded the first order, added it with the Chefboyardee and I got my single receipt for the rebate. Then the bag-boy accidentally dropped my beer while loading it and had me pull up to the front of the store while he grabbed a replacement. I got home and noticed the mushrooms had spilled out EVERYWHERE... I wont be using about 1/2 the container that fell out. Also I bought 10 Mentos gums, not 9... there are only 9 there. I LOVE PUBLIX! I called and the lady at customer service told me next time I was in I could get my Mentos gum and a new pack of mushrooms!

**On another note... I have enough peanut butter that I could bath in it for a year and never run out. I am glad it keeps so well. I will be donating several jars to my church.

...and this is how I prep for my meat buy. I buy in bulk at Sam's. I get a case of chicken and a 10lb roll of beef. The case price is cheaper than their shelf price. We have a small freezer in the garage and the meat we buy and separate will last use 3+ months! So if I spend about $100 on meat, that is less than $35 a month! We spend more than that eating out! Most people spend that in 2 weeks!
That is only 30 or the 100 (1 meal) bags I will use to pack the meat in when I get it separated and split the beasts. Sams has HUGE chicken breasts!!! We split 1 between the two of us... and now that Atlas is eating his weight in meat, we will be using about 1 and 1/3 of a breast each night.

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