Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reader Trips - My Publix Squall

So I get to Publix as the first squall line from Irene HITS! >boom< pouring rain... so we hang out in the car for a little while and surprisingly make it inside almost dry! I heart Florida!
Vendor Coupon - 100.26
Store coupon - 26.00
Special Price Savings - 107.95
Total Savings - 234.21
Total OOP - 65.57

*And just noticed that they rang up the A1 that I had the guy replace b/c it was leaking... looks like I will take it back. So subtract $3.71 (it made it 13 not 12... and clearly I would have gotten an even number since here in Florida they do a true BOGO not a split BOGO. A true BOGO means that you actually must pay full price for the first one, but you dont have to get the free one.

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