Saturday, October 17, 2009

Working the RRs at Walgreens

Here are some basic rules for working Walgreens

Walgreens "deals" are Register Rewards. When you buy an item that produces a Register Reward you may use that Register Reward (rr) on a future purchase (transaction).

The secreat to learning Walgreens is understanding the following basic rules:

1) Limits. Most Register Rewards deals are "Limit one per transaction". You cannot buy two deals and have it print two rr's. You will need to split up your purchases in order to receive more than one RR.

2) RR's are actually Manufacturer coupons. Basic rule of couponing is that you may only use ONE MANUFACTURER COUPON per item. Since a RR is a manufacturer coupon, you need another item for this coupon to "attach to". Hereout referred to as "fillers". Any time you see "filler" it means buy the cheapest thing in the store you can find that does not require a manufacturer coupon. (Walgreens coupons do not count as manufacturer coupons, they are something different).

3) You cannot purchase an item with the same rr that just printed for that item. (Well, you can, but it will not produce another rr). This often also applies for manufacturers as well.

Knowing these basic rules will get you far in the ways of Walgreens.

Here's how to get the FARR (Free after Regsiter Reward) items for as little as possible, plus a few other things.

If you do jump in with both feet doing multiple transactions, just tell the cashier you have a few different transactions. . . if you feel the old stink-eye from the cashier, smile, be nice and if someone gets in line behind you, hop out and go to the end to do another transaction.

oh, and ALWAYS check out at the cosmetics counter. Less line.


  1. I guess I don't understand rule #2. Once the RR prints out, you bring it back to spend another day. Right? YOu say its a manuf. coupon, but you also say to look for something cheap to spend it on. Don't you have to match it up with the actual product on the RR? or maybe there IS no actual product on the RR?
    - thanks, MJ

  2. The manufacturer issues the coupon as a reward for buying it.. if you never use it, the manufacturer will never have to pay the store for it.

    You can use it on anything!! BUT Walgreens makes you have 1 item per coupon no matter what, so if you want to use the RR to make your transaction even cheaper but you already have coupons for each of your items, then grab a pencil or a cup or a caramel... something really cheap... and you can use the RR!

    Hope that helps!