Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coupon Printing Issues

Coupon Printing Issues

If you are unable to print a coupon you might try changing the code in the address. Each browser has a set of letters which “tells” the computer to print. It is very simple to change the letters: when you click a PRINT link from this site a new page will open allowing you to print–check the link’s address and if needed make the changes to the letters based on YOUR browser –you should then be able to print the coupon!

FireFox- FireFox (FF) MUST USE WG OR VG

Internet Explorer (IE) MUST USE WI OR VI

Safari Apple’s browser MUST USE XS

If you try to print after you have confirmed the code is correct it is possible that the coupon has reached it’s print limit.  This will only work for Bricks type coupons and does not apply to, SmartSource or RedPlum sites.

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