Friday, July 15, 2011

Donating - So you have your stockpile, now what?

Sales come in cycles. You may be able to get 8 o'clock coffee on BOGO for $4.99 with $1 coupons PLUS get free cookies... but that deal isnt going to stick around. So you stockup on the coffee you need for the next 6 months and then you hit the next cycle.

But what do you do when pasta and sauce goes on sale and you get the pasta for free and the sauce for $1 a jar every month? You donate the older items to people who need them NOW!

A few of you have commented on how many cereal boxes I have, how much dressing I have, how many whatever I have.... Well, it's simple. When I end up with more than I will use in the amount of time the cycle runs, I donate it. I normally take reusable bags full of items to my church or the Beta House for Women, but sometimes I get lucky and get contacted by someone who knows I do this and I get to help a family in need.

Saturday I get to donate to a real live family. That excites me!!! I don't want to share details, being in need is extremely humbling. But when I was 19 and on my own (for 2 years) and in college, riding my bike to school and work (at a daycare for $5.25 an hour) one of my baby's mothers asked me (in secret, thank God) if she could bring over some groceries.... (I wasn't looking so hot) I cried. She brought over enough groceries for a week or more. I told her I could never repay her and she told me, "When you are able, help someone else." I am proud to say I have done that many times and I continue to. And I will continue to! It makes me feel so happy to know that I am able to do something!

This is only ONE donation I have made. The really cool part about it, I spent maybe $22 on all of this. You can too and this blog is going to show you how. Stick with me. 

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