Friday, July 15, 2011

Stockpile - I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!

People always ask. I know you were thinking it too. I love seeing other people's stockpiles too! So email them to me if you dont mind me sharing! beadandelion at gmail dot com

 This is our main pantry... Baby foods and snack on the bottom, along with coffee, noodles, rice, frosting and a few random unorganized things. Middle shelf has condiments, mustard, BBQ, dressing, snacks, pretzels, junk food in the baskets and oatmeat in the corner that you cant see. Top shelf has ziploc bags, tin foil and saran wrap in the left hand corner, cans in back, packet meals and rice boxed in front, jellos, joint juice and Crystal light on the right hand side.

 Toilet paper, games, juice. The freezer holds the meat we buy in bulk (currently is houses 1500 ounces of milk, about half of which I need to donate to Get Pumped) we also once had 40 bags of cheese.. mmmm!! That is long gone :-(

 Household items like detergent, paper towels, damp rid up top. Next row down toothpaste, tooth brushes and other oral hygiene items, there are 4 boxes of razors around there and over a dozen cans of tomatoes. The green bag on the left is full of vitamins, all free. The white bag under it is full of makeup both samples and full size. There is a full shelf of medicines gotten for free and under that a bajillion candles, we keep them lit in the kitchen. The 2 bottom shelves - dog treats and then in front of that baby formula samples and free cans.

 That shelf in the middle has feminine products up top and some more detergent crystals. The next one down has body washes and shave creams. the next one down kitchen soaps, the next is ALL shampoo and conditioner. Next one down is light bulbs and the cabinet below is all cleaning supplies.

This WAS 40 boxes of cereal a month ago. Now there are about 25. I told ya, we use it! There are also now 10 boxes of Ritz.. those wont last.

OK I showed you mine, you show me yours!

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